Frame buster buster buster

I might just have gotten a way to bust the frame buster buster JavaScript. Using the getElementsByName in my JavaScript function, i’ve set a loop between the frame buster and the actual frame buster buster script. so if the page that is trying to frame my page, it loops in an infinite reload that never loads my page in the first instance in the iframe or frame. it actually sends them away to the page the frame buster buster request if its not the page that is actually requesting to frame my page. This is the code i actually used, first of all, i placed the JavaScript function in the head section of my web pages, then in the body section, i place a time interval to recall the frame buster.

<script type="text/javascript">
var getFrames = top;
var getPhcityonweb = self;
if(getFrames != getPhcityonweb) {
 keepBust(); }
// simple event call

function keepBust() {
 if(getPhcityonweb==getFrames) {
 document.getElementsByName("KBA")[0].style.display = 'block'; }
 else {
 getFrames.location.replace(location); }
 } // function to keep bust alive
→ this is placed in the head section

//This is placed inside the body opening tag
<body name="KBA" onload="setTimeout('keepBust()', 10000);">

you can set the time interval when to recall the frame buster.

I tried busting this, and to all the buster script i’ve used, it seems that this works effectively.
If this is actually busted, then it’s back to the drawing board.

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5 Responses to Frame buster buster buster

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  2. lucia says:

    This worked!!!!

    I hope you don’t mind I just copied and pasted for my first test. I needed to use to bust the frame for “story” here: .

    Now I’m going to tweak…. Is it ok to use document write to warn people I’m busting out?

  3. It’s OK its made to be Free, you can add any line but the thing is that once it’s busting it doesn’t catch any call backs except “window.confirm”… so you can use that to warn people that you are busting out but it does it so fast that if another call back is trying to prevent it from busting, it repeats the same process in a infinite loop till it bust.

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